Our experience

pfs was established on a solid foundation of hands-on experience with digital illustrations and graphics in the life sciences publishing industry. We spent more than ten years in charge of artwork and cover illustrations in the editorial office of a major cell biology journal (Cell and Tissue Research, Springer Heidelberg, Germany). We are also successful biomedical and neurobiological researchers with many highly cited publications of our own. Our experience makes us uniquely qualified to offer the services we provide.

Selected cover art (2014 - 2015)

Selected graphic design

Selected publications (1999–2016)

Glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor rescues target-deprived sympathetic spinal cord neurons but requires transforming growth factor-beta as cofactor in vivo. Schober, A, et al., JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 19: 6, 2008-2015 (1999). PubMed Link

Expression of neurotrophin receptors trkB and trkC and their ligands in rat adrenal gland and the intermediolateral column of the spinal cord. Schober, A, et al.,
CELL AND TISSUE  RESEARCH 296:2, 271-279 (1999). PubMed Link

Expression of growth differentiation factor-15/macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (GDF-15/MIC-1) in the perinatal, adult, and injured rat brain. Schober, A, et al.,
JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE  NEUROLOGY 439:1, 32-45 (2001). PubMed Link

Lack of neurotrophin-4 causes selective structural and chemical deficits in sympathetic ganglia and their preganglionic innervation. Roosen, A, et al.,
JOURNAL OF  NEUROSCIENCE 21:9, 3073-3084 (2001). PubMed Link

Classic toxin-induced animal models of Parkinson's disease: 6-OHDA and MPTP.  Schober, A,
CELL AND TISSUE  RESEARCH 318: 1, 215-224 (2004). PubMed Link

Involvement of growth differentiation factor-15/macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 (GDF-15/MIC-1) in oxLDL-induced apoptosis of human macrophages in vitro and in arteriosclerotic lesions. Schlittenhardt, D, et al.
CELL AND TISSUE RESEARCH 318: 2, 325-333 (2004). PubMed Link

Loss of leukemia inhibitory factor receptor beta or cardiotrophin-1 causes similar deficits in preganglionic sympathetic neurons and adrenal medulla. Oberle, S, et al.,
JOURNAL OF  NEUROSCIENCE 26: 6, 1823-1832 (2006). PubMed Link

GDNF applied to the MPTP-lesioned nigrostriatal system requires TGF-beta for its neuroprotective action. Schober, A, et al.,
NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE 25: 2, 378-391 (2007). PubMed Link

Cell Loss and autophagy in the extra-adrenal chromaffin organ of Zuckerkandl are regulated by glucocorticoid signalling. Schober, A, et al.,
JOURNAL OF  NEUROENDOCRINOLOGY 25:1, 34-47 (2013). PubMed Link

Gdf-15 deficiency does not alter vulnerability of nigrostriatal dopaminergic system in MPTP-intoxicated mice. Machado, V, et al.,
CELL AND TISSUE  RESEARCH 365:2, 209-223 (2016). PubMed Link​​​​​​​